• Aju Varghese,  Malayalam,  Ranjit Sankar


    Aju Varghese tried his best, but a weak script and slow narration pulled him back. Attempts at creating a thriller ends up as forced or cliched. This ‘Safar’ was insufferable.

  • Malayalam,  Mohanlal,  Siddique

    Big Brother

    Siddique is becoming a director who is working hard to make himself irrelevant. The producer’s money and the viewer’s brain cells are wasted. The planet would have benefitted if the money was used to plant trees.

  • Asif Ali,  Malayalam

    Kettiyollaanu Ente Maalakha

    Brilliant movie. The casting in this movie was so brilliant, led by Asif Ali. Brilliance lies in the courage of writer and director for tackling and presenting the topic of marital rape.